Monday, July 29, 2013

Digital Office Hours: My next, new thing!

With the summer vacation coming slowly to an end here in the southeast, I need to spend a few moments each day preparing for fall semester.  And that means looking for things to try for an improved student learning experience.  I have plenty of ideas in terms of pedagogy, but I am rethinking my office hours strategy a bit.

Digital Office Hours

This fall, I will institute "digital office hours" (DOH) at least one night a week, but more likely two nights.  The idea is to use some collaboration software of some sort (yet to be determined) like GoToMeeting and allow students to email, text (yes, I'll have a phone for this), or log in to ask questions.  I currently expect the DOH to be in the evenings, lasting a half hour or so and possibly another full hour in the morning of a day when I have no classes on campus.  And, I will continue to hold my current office hours.  My main reason for trying this method is that it corresponds to my idea that students are digitizing their lives into smaller chunks (I mentioned this concept in my early post about blogging for the classroom) and thus might need an office hour chunk later in the day.

Has anyone tried DOH, besides Homer Simpson?  If so, please share you experience with us by leaving a comment.

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