Saturday, August 17, 2013

Going Green with Your Syllabi

Just a note to all of you readying to print the entire syllabus for each student this fall.  You don't have to, and I recommend you don't.  Why print what can be emailed and posted to the LMS or Webpage or Blog?

Instead, summarize the key points in a "mini-sylli" on one page.  By key points, I mean the where and when of class, your contact info, URL's for obtaining other class info and the FULL syllabus, and key dates.

You can expound to your hearts content in person that first day of class, going well beyond the mini-sylli.  In addition, write away with great prose on the full syllabus that you post online.  But, be sure that you don't change the syllabus as the semester goes on in any major way...students will keep the old pdf version or print out a hard copy on their own for comparison, later, should you make changes.

The key is that you can save time and money and resources by not printing that syllabus in full.

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