Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's in Your Bag...Bag Edition

Just saw a post on Gottabemobile concerning back-to-school computer bags.  All of the bags listed in the article look great (except maybe the one that had all the camera compartments).  However, I was amazed that a few of my favorite bags weren't mentioned (I was even compelled to comment about it on their site).  Here's a little added discussion to the above article...

A Public Service Announcement

Please share this nice little graphic I found concerning the use of a backpack for your students or children.  Remember, back issues due to carrying book bags are a real problem and will continue to be until we replace texts with digital media...not necessarily a digital textbook, but some hybrid close to an iBook, but with less OS monogamy.

A Few Bags I Recommend

In terms of bags and most everything else, you get what you pay for.  So, if you are like me you don't have the highest-end in your arsenal.  But if I had the where with all, there is no doubt that I'd go with the Tumi Alpha.  It's construction is top of the line, the leather is soft and rich, and the design is flawless.  I had my hands on one in a shop about a month ago and almost made the purchase, but the $500 price tag just couldn't be done at this time (a time when I was busy trying to find a chair to relieve back pain...chairs are expensive!!)
Granted, it's a messenger/briefcase style, but it's amazing.  Not so good for the students out there (you are not going to put 5 books and a computer/tablet in here), but for the teachers this is a thing of beauty.  

You know which bag I want, but which professional bag do I use?  Well, it's a 14 year old Samsonite Flip Cover Messenger bag that I received from my parents upon graduation from graduate school.  It's starting to show some wear but a little shoe polish and it should be just fine until I can afford a new one or the Tumi.

My second bag is a truly useful backpack that has handled a ton of my gear over the past 4-5 years.  It's the Wenger Synergy.  My Synergy has been to 4 continents and has been used take my heavy loads to and from work (school) on many a day.  I know at least 30 others who are using this bag from students to investment brokers and each agrees that it is the best everyday backpack they have used.  Biggest benefit in my mind is that it stands up on its own, so you can open it up, pull something out and it won't topple over.  It's comfy on the shoulders and has a secure special laptop section.  I highly recommend this to any high school or college student looking for the perfect campus bag!

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