Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wunderlist in EDU...Report 1

While not a formal report and I lack any real data, I do have some initial readings on my attempt to help train my students to study using Wunderlist.

The students have enthusiastically embraced the use of the To-Do list application.  I have made use of the app 100% voluntary in my introductory chemistry course (second semester college chemistry for science majors).  75% of the class requested an invitation to the class To-Do list.
However, only 51% have used the link to follow the the study plan To-Do list items I am sharing.  I believe a few of those who have not responded are having technical issues (the most common being an invitation sent to an email not used to create the Wunderlist account) while some have just not checked their email.  Through conversations, I am certain a few have decided to not play a part.

How is it working?  Well, it keeps me thinking about the class and trying to give the class important, useful, and timely reminders of small chunks of material.  One of my goals is to make the study process a more gradual thing for them.  The less studying is an almost insurmountable reading/homework session and, instead, becomes a "read these few pages", "watch this video", "do just these few problems", then the more likely the students will really comprehend and learn.  Plus, by working every day a little bit, the new material at the next class isn't so confusing and scary.

Student feedback has not happened yet.  I've not asked and no one has come forward to volunteer their opinion.  What will happen is the first exam will certainly be a telling tale and I'll know if the global study planning tool is a hit, or not.

I may have to do a full on research project next semester.  Looks like another trip to our campus IRB software is in my future ;-)

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