Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is Apple Selling Product Because of iTunes Store?

The question currently being asked in an interesting blog post on Gottabemobile  is whether iTunes store is the reason that Apple will continue to be a player in the phone industry.  The author argues that Apple is behind the other phone makers and hasn't been progressive lately, so the only reason to use them is the ease and structure of the music/app/movie buying experience in the iTunes Store.

I won't deny that the Apple ecosystem is a player in many buyers decision making process.  The experience of an elegant and efficient store truly brings a confidence to your purchasing decisions.  All of these aspects play a role, for sure.

However, I can say with confidence that my old iPhone 4s is still working smoothly.  And, the iOS is still very easy to use, learn and instinctual.  Though locked down and with limited personalization, the iPhone is consistent and comfy...like an old pair of shoes.  Since I interact with the OS more than the store, I tend to think the 'comfiness' is an even bigger drawing card.

There is a danger that the iPhone could loose some momentum with the incremental improvements of the upcoming (expected, that is) 5s.  If a larger share of the market starts to further move to Android and Windows 8, maybe that ecosystem will lose its pull.  Just as Palm and Blackberry about being king of the world...it doesn't last.

For the education market, the iOS and Apple ecosystem are truly a strong drawing card.  Apple products have a cool vibe and are also considered by many as a premium product (in some instances, they are), which explains the 'buy a bunch of iPads and kids will learn more' attitude often seen in school boards.  iPhones and iPads are great.  Android and Windows 8 tablets are also great.  I've tried each OS and ecosystem and know what I would choose to do if money were no option (can you say Lenovo Helix).

The question remains, "Is a comfy OS and a good store enough to beat out the competition, if the competition progresses faster and offers a better/less-expensive product?"

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